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At Bestcan Tours, we stand as Vancouver's leading receptive tour operator for global groups, specializing in crafting tailored local experiences for traveler groups from every corner of the globe. Our unwavering commitment is to bring the best of Vancouver, Canada, and its surrounding wonders to your group's fingertips. Welcoming groups from around the world, we are your go-to partner for seamless, stress-free travel experiences. Our local touch ensures that your group enjoys authentic encounters, personalized to their interests.
Your Trusted ADS Accredited Tour Operator in Vancouver for the Chinese Market


As a distinguished ADS Accredited Receptive Tour Operator, for global group in Vancouver, Bestcan Tours specializes in creating unforgettable journeys for Chinese tourists exploring the beauty of Vancouver, BC, and beyond. For over 25 years, we have been the preferred partner for Chinese Travel Agencies in Vancouver, facilitating seamless and enriching travel experiences that resonate with the preferences of Chinese visitors. We understand the unique needs and desires of Chinese travelers, from culinary preferences to cultural nuances. Our itineraries are carefully crafted to cater to these preferences, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey for every guest.
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Bestcan is proud of its reputation and is especially pleased with our numerous “ word of mouth” client referrals for the best adventures abroad tour company.


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Vancouver-Centric Expertise: Nestled in Vancouver, Bestcan Tours is fueled by the passion of locals eager to showcase the city's charm and the natural beauty of Canada's west coast. Our team meticulously curates experiences that reflect the diverse offerings of this vibrant region.

Global Reach, Local Touch: As your go-to partner for seamless, stress-free travel experiences, we welcome groups from around the world. Our commitment to a local touch ensures that your group enjoys authentic encounters, personalized to their unique interests.

Dedicated to Groups: Specializing in group travel, Bestcan Tours understands the intricacies of group adventures, whether you're a school group, corporate team, or a community organization. Our itineraries are tailored to suit your specific needs, ensuring a memorable journey for all.

In-House Resources: With an array of in-house resources, including a fleet of vehicles, local hotel partnerships, and insider access to attractions, Bestcan Tours takes care of all logistics. This comprehensive approach guarantees a smooth journey, allowing your group to focus on creating lasting memories.

Global Network: Bestcan Tours takes pride in collaborating with the best travel agencies for international travel. This global network ensures that our clients receive exceptional service, with partnerships that extend our reach and offer your group unparalleled access to the best experiences Vancouver has to offer.

Multilingual Guides: Communication is key to a seamless travel experience. To ensure your comfort, each group enjoys the services of a guide fluent in their mother language. Whether it's English, Spanish, Chinese, or any Indian language, your guide not only assists with language but also understands your culture and food preference, making your journey more enriching.

Comprehensive Services: We take care of the details, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip. From hotel reservations to transportation arrangements, and from curated tours to attractions exploration, Bestcan Tours ensures that every aspect of your journey is meticulously planned.Explore our international tour packages and get in touch.
Frequently Asked Questions

Recognizing the specific needs of international travelers, especially from China, we are an ADS Accredited Tour Operator dedicated to crafting journeys that align with cultural preferences and expectations. From culinary tastes to cultural nuances, our itineraries are thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and enjoyment, ensuring a memorable experience for every guest.

Absolutely. We at Bestcan Tours pride ourselves on offering multilingual guides proficient in various languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, and various Indian languages. Our guides are knowledgeable not just about local attractions but also sensitive to the cultural and dietary preferences of our guests, ensuring a comfortable and enriching travel experience. So, whether you plan night or day trip to Vancouver Canada, we make sure 

At Bestcan Tours, we offer comprehensive travel services tailored to groups. This includes customized itinerary planning, hotel reservations, transportation arrangements, access to major attractions, and exclusive local experiences. With our in-house resources, including a fleet of vehicles and strong partnerships with local hotels, we manage all logistics, allowing your group to focus solely on enjoying their journey.

At Bestcan Tours, we distinguish ourselves by our deep local expertise and global reach. As Vancouver’s premier receptive tour operator for global group, we specialize in providing customized, authentic local experiences tailored to the unique interests of each group. With over 25 years of experience, our dedicated team ensures seamless, stress-free travel planning, allowing your group to enjoy the best of Vancouver and its surrounding areas without any hassle.

  • Providing our clients with unparalleled local experiences backed by our extensive network and deep expertise in group travel. 
  • Collaborative approach for each group to ensure personalized attention.
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